January 20, 2010

: Gym Tales #1

I have decided to make a habit of blogging about my experiences while burning those calories since I'll be becoming a gym rat (according to Foursquare I already am). If you have any funny stories please share!

I went after work yesterday and started by stretching. I walk over to get a mat and there are three other girls already doing their workouts. There was space in between two of them, so I lay my mat down and start stretching. There was an Asian lady to my right doing some sort of ab workout. All of a sudden I notice that she has started to copy my stretches. She was easily more flexible than I and made a point to "out-do" my every move. I was in the butterfly position, she was in it with her head on the mat. I was stretching in a middle split, she was in it with her body on the mat. I tried to view it as a coincidence until I stretched my hamstrings by bending one leg up and laying down. She did the exact same stretch with the same leg. I couldn't help by laugh to myself and shake my head.

After a little cardio work I did some weight-lifting with my legs. I was there with one of the girls I had been next to while stretching. Then two more girls trickled over and it was the funniest thing. I watched each of them look each other, and myself, up and down. I always knew women compared themselves to other women but to see it firsthand was quite a trip!

I ended my work out with the elliptical. And let's just say I barely lasted 10 minutes because some one smelled like crap. I am not even joking you. There was a fan directly behind me on the wall and every so often I would get a good whiff of whatever the smell was and I couldn't take it anymore, so I grabbed my stuff and left. That is definitely one of the many reasons I do not enjoy the gym. Since I don't have any weights at home yet, I have to stick it a little longer.

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  1. LOL! That's women for you huh? I recently commented on another blog about women wearing makeup and getting "dolled" up - in a lot of instances, we're not doing it to attract men, we're doing it to one-up other women! Somehow we're wired to always want to be the belle of the ball and make sure that we're better than the competition. Can't wait to hear about your next gym tale!