February 4, 2010

: Dark Kisses Lingerie Shoot

I had a photo shoot this past weekend for Dark Kisses Lingerie. I responded to a casting on Model Mayhem and was one of the chosen models for the shoot - very exciting! Adam and I drove up to the city and arrived around 4PM or so. He went off to spend time with his brother and I went up to the 30th floor where every one else was. It was chaos in that hotel room! There were about 10 models, 2 MUAs, 2 hair stylists, a clothing stylist, a few photographers, their assistants, and model's friends or boyfriends.

I felt pretty lonely at first since it seemed like everyone knew each other but most of them were sweet and I warmed up to them quickly. I think an hour or so passed before they started on my hair and make-up. I have to say that my stylists, Keke and Dana, were two of the best I have ever worked with. They were hilarious, sweet, and very professional. Getting my hair and makeup done for photo shoots is my favorite part. It's extremely relaxing and gives me time to think about the shoot. I was a little iffy on the outfits we were given to model since most had g-strings and were transparent - hooray for nipple covers! My outfit ended up being pretty cute. It was a black transparent camisole top with a g-string on the bottom. I made sure not to take any back shots, though. I am definitely not ready for that sort of exposure yet!

The sun went down and it was finally my turn to shoot! I was the first lingerie model to shoot and it went very well in my opinion. It took me a minute or so to warm up and tune out everyone else around since we were shooting in the hotel room. But once I was able to do that, I was fine! I had a lot of fun and apparently I took some good shots. And since I have been playing my least favorite game - the waiting game! It's definitely the one part of modeling I dislike because I want to see the photos right away. I'm sure they will turn out amazing, though. The photographers that shot me are true professionals who have great portfolios.

I've been befriending some of them on Model Mayhem and Facebook. And I was surprised at all of the positive feedback. Keke was very sweet - she commented on my Model Mayhem: "You're a sweetheart and so professional!" Aww :-) That makes me happy to hear. I think you're pretty rad, too, Keke ;-) She also mentioned that I inspired her to sign up for Talenthouse. Feel good time!

Driving into San Francisco...


Little preview of my make-over...

...done-zo at home after the shoot! Zzz...


  1. Woo woo! Congrats! Sounds like it was fun. :)

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

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