February 15, 2010

: "Slaves" for Fashion - Not me!

Some of the things Fashion Bloggers are tweeting about from NYFW this year make me think twice about how serious of a career I want in modeling:

"One model at Chris Benz is in INTENSE shoe pain. She just walked out in the middle of the presentation. Toughen up! It's fashion week! #nyfw"


I want to be successful.
I want to sign with a good agency.
I want to walk for designers at Fashion Week.
I want to grace the cover of a magazine (or ten or twenty!). 

I totally get that you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot, and suck it up at times. But I don't believe that you should have to risk your health or well-being for it. It's almost as if you're signing away a healthy life to be a part of the industry.

Maybe I need an attitude adjustment. But why should I have to change who I am to be a successful model? I don't want to be just a "hanger" for clothing. I do not want to starve myself. You don't have to starve yourself, you say? Well, in order to get down to a scary 100lbs to be able to model for certain designers, that is the ONLY way to get there at my height.

Take Coco Rocha as prime example. She once weighed 108lbs at 5'10" and clients were telling her to lose weight. Yes, LOSE weight!! She is currently 22 years old weighing in at around 120lbs (which is my goal weight) and according to the industry that is "big, almost bloated." That disgusts me. I'm going to weigh 120lbs at my height and be called fat? No, no, and no!

In these photos I was around 120lbs - would you call that fat? I wouldn't!

I want to be remembered for being me: for my body, for my face, for my healthy appearance… maybe I am in the wrong industry. Or perhaps I am hopeful that I can be one of the many girls who want to model successfully along with leading a healthy lifestyle and not having to be a "slave" for fashion.

And just when I am feeling like I am about to explode, some simple words from a good friend make breathing easier again.


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Perhaps you shouldn't use the second picture as an example. It's a terrible shot of your body, nothing about it is flattering and your gut is hanging out.