February 25, 2010

: We Are The World

This was always a song that gave me the chills every single time I heard it.  And now a generous amount of singers in the YouTube community have come together to collaborate in their very own version of the hit.  I give so many props to all involved and to miss Lisa Lavie for putting this together.  What a great way to honor a great man and the beautiful world we live in.

I had goosebumps throughout the entire song. This video has over 750,000 views and has received a lot of recognition from bloggers and celebrities. How amazing! Here is one of the articles from The Straits Times.

I always say I want to help out the world and I do my fair share of little things that definitely add up.  I donated to Haiti.  Maybe someday I will figure out a way to help out more than I already do.  And I hope that you all do as well.  Why wouldn't we want to help one another out?  Why wouldn't we want to save the world we live in?

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