April 30, 2010

: The Friday Five!

I have been a member of Livejournal for the last, oh, 8 years or so.  And for the last few years I have been trying to do this meme called 'The Friday Five.'  I have been trying to do so unsuccessfully but I figured this could be something I could update on my blog weekly so I am sort of staying active here.  One step at a time, right? This weeks is about hygiene, how fun! Pft.

1) How often do you brush your teeth?
At least twice a day, sometimes three.

2) What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Colgate Total normally.  I am trying out Crest Pro-Health at the moment.

3) How often do you floss?
A lot more than usual, lately.  I am trying to be a lot better about my mouth health and floss twice a day.

4) How many cavities have you had?
One. And that tooth was a baby tooth and was already coming out so, no fillings -- ever!

5) Do you/did you have braces? A retainer? Headgear? Rubber bands? An expander?
I have had all of the above except the expander, yikes!  I had braces for 3.5 years in elementary school complete with rubber bands, head gear, a mouth guard, and all of those special tooth/brace brushes.  I have a permanent retainer on my front teeth on the bottom.

xo, lolly.

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  1. How appropriate that I log-in this morning and read your blog. Had a horrible dream last night that my teeth were crumbling, getting chipped away into tiny nubs. I only remember this after having read your blog. I hate losing/no teeth dreams. Water pick, floss & Sensodyne iso-active toothpaste are a part of my regiment. I don't know why I felt the need to share that.