April 22, 2010

: What $102 will get you in life!

This morning I logged on to bebe.com and browsed the new Kardashians Collection for something I wanted to buy.  I had seen these girls in the cutest rompers a lot and came across one so I immediately took out my debit card and made the purchase.  Then, being the Twitter advocate that I am, I quicky set up a tweet about my purchasing thanking the sisters.  Little did I know what was going to happen next... Miss Khloe Kardasian-Odom re-tweeted my tweet!!

I have to say that this was so unexpected and it made me very happy to see how grateful she was for my purchase.  I mean, hell, I'd be pretty stoked too if someone bought something from my clothing line if I had one - haha!  I cannot wait until I have this romper in my possession and I really hope I ordered the correct size.  I may head over to bebe tomorrow and try one on just to be sure, hopefully I don't cave and buy anything else because it is definitely not in my budget.

Below is the romper that I purchased.  Super cute, right?  All I need now is some toned legs and a tan!

If only I could afford more of their collection. I love their style.  Until next time... Happy Earth Day! Xo!

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  1. Nice! I am about to go check out their collection now. I saw all the tweets all day long from Khloe. And how freakin' cool that she RT'd! Sweet! :)