May 14, 2010

: Friday Five Time

1. If time-travel was possible, what band/singer from the PAST would you like to see in concert?
I'm assuming this means the artist is dead so, I think I'd like to see Johnny Cash or Michael Jackson.  If this means past in general, Aerosmith or I would love to go back to last night's 30 Seconds to Mars concert.

2. Put your mp3 player on shuffle, what are the first three songs that play?

Lovegame -- Lady Gaga
Brooklyn -- Wakey!Wakey!
Basketcase -- Green Day

3. What singers would you like to see do a duet (alive or dead)?
Jared Leto & Lady GaGa (only because he sang Bad Romance last night lol)

4. Your favorite group that has the worst band name?
I don't believe I can answer this.

5. What are some fashion trends from the past you wish would come back in style?

Honestly, none. I wear what I want whether or not it's trendy or in style. I am LOVING rompers right now, though. So whenever that is from, thank you!

On a random note, how fabulous are these shoes that Katy Perry tweeted about? I want a pair!



  1. I want those shoes too! Candy Buttons on shoes. Who comes up with this stuff? hah.

  2. How COOL are those shoes!