May 17, 2010

: Getting back on the right track!

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How do you stay active? What do you do to exercise and keep in shape? Any healthy recipes you'd like to share?

I have been very disappointed with myself and my lack of motivation to get off my butt and be active.  You know how girlfriend's complain about their guys always sitting on their butts, playing video games and drinking beer? Well, that is me lately! All I can do is shake my head.  I don't know what has been holding me back so much, and that is frustrating.

Earlier at work I came across an article about the highest paid supermodels while browsing blogs for my social media posts and it inspired me -- finally! I doubt I'll ever make that list but I do have big aspirations when it comes to my dream career and I'd honestly be happy with making a comfortable living off of being a full-time model.  Anyway, I am proud to say that I broke out my new iPod arm carrier and walked/ran outsider for 30 minutes when I got home from work. It wasn't a lot but I didn't want to overdue it being the first time running in months.  I am definitely feeling it already and I love the pain!

It's funny, I think back to when I was so active, playing at least three different team sports a year.  There was nothing else I wanted to do besides being on a basketball court, and it was easy to stay in shape.  I was so active, involved, and passionate about the sports I played but it ended with one bad experience my junior year of high school. I was on Varsity and I did not get along with my coach.  We both had quick tempers and one day at practice I blew up at him for some jerky remark he made.  I was the one who had to apologize (my Dad made me) and I finished the rest of the season but I refused to play the next season.  It was a tough decision and I'll never regret anything more.  I am a firm believer in not having regrets in life but I am also reasonable.  To this day I don't see what good came out of quitting.  I know that I have the power to do something about it, like playing again, and I plan to once I am in better running shape.

All I want is to have a vision, the focus, the drive to be happy with myself again and to find ways to keep my passions alive.  I guess this is one of the tests of growing up.  I no longer have my Dad around pushing me to be active and practice all of the time.  I only have myself to rely on and clearly, that hasn't been working out so well.  I'm thinking about hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions to be sure I am doing the right exercises in order to get the results I am looking for.  One step at a time, I know I can get there!

Oh! And speaking of recipes... any ideas on what I can pair with a cool cucumber soup? I'm stumped.

Enjoy your Monday night! I am off to watch the season finale of One Tree Hill and then Tori & Dean later. Xo.


  1. I need one too! We should post on a blog together, make sure we're on the right track ;) muah love u!

  2. I bet there are plenty of local basketball leagues for adults.

    And then, there's always roller derby.