June 29, 2010

: Spring on the Runway!

On Sunday I walked in Aspiring Couture's Spring on the Runway show. And despite dealing with a few "divas," and the fact that is was about 98 degrees out, I really enjoyed myself. I modeled for 5 different designers, in 7 different pieces! The first dress I am wearing I wasn't even supposed to be modeling. It was a last minute decision (and I mean I put it on and I was walking not a minute later) because another model was not comfortable taking her bra off. Bad move there because it was one of my favorite pieces of the afternoon! Besides, it wasn't see through at all.

It's funny. I haven't been modeling much in the last year or two but every time I do a show like this, I have such a good time and get so many compliments. I think I needed this little "pick me up" to keep pushing through my work outs so I can get in tip-top model shape. I hope to start shooting regularly again in the fall, along with going back to school.

For now, here are some of my favorite photos from the event. I hope you like them!

ahr.es.ihm fashion http://www.ahresihm.com/

ahr.es.ihm fashion http://www.ahresihm.com/

I am definitely looking forward to the next fashion show I am a apart. They're all pretty long and hectic days but very worth it in the end. It's a rewarding experience and it feels natural to me.

Until next time... Xo!

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