July 2, 2010

: Friday Five: Summer

1.) what do you love about summer?
i love the warmer weather. i love the clothes i get to wear (rompers, dresses, bikinis). i love bbqs. i think mostly everyone is in better spirits!

2.) how many times have you had a fun summer?i've never had one of those summers where everything is a party, that would be rad. but the summers i'd spend a week or so at a beach cottage were nice. one of these days it will happen again.

3.) what do you mostly like to do during the summer time?
i enjoy going to the beach and playing volleyball.

4.) do you like the place where you live?i'd be lying if i said living in california wasn't a good experience. but i don't like living in the bay area. i didn't move to california to live in the boring bay area. i moved to california to live in southern california with the beaches, the laid back atmosphere, and even the fake-n-bake crazies.

5.) if given the chance, do you want to live in a tropical country?
if i had a proper chance, i definitely would. life's too short.

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