August 20, 2010

: Vino Moda Fashion Show & Wine Event

Not the best photo but I wasn't happy about how I looked anyways ;-)

Last night was Vino Moda's Fashion Awaking at 1 Fort Mason in San Francisco - a beautiful location over looking the bay and some rad ships! It was pretty foggy/misty but still a good site to see. I wish I had time to snap some photos but perhaps some of the photographers did so I can show you.

We arrived about 6PM, had our first looks done and went out to do some wine tasting. Due to an unfortunate event a few years back, I am no longer the big wino I once was but most of them were delicious! There was a Muscato that took the cake for me. The show starting around 8-830PM and went pretty well. The first two walks went by too quickly - I blame it on the lack of an actual runway and it was pretty short. We all did a good job despite any small setbacks and I am excited to read about it, see the photos, and work with everyone again soon.

After the show we headed to delarosa in the Marina District for some food. It was nice and the place definitely has a good vibe but I wasn't super impressed with the food. Tasty but not worth the prices. We didn't get home until almost 1AM and I was up early this morning for work and have a photo shoot at 5PM followed by a friend's birthday. With two long days in a row, Saturday will be nice :-)

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