September 1, 2010

: If you wait for inspiration you'll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street.

Wrote this for my company's blog a little while back, but I wanted to share it with all of you too!

credit: Strawbleu™

I've been itching to write about inspiration for a while now, as it's pretty crucial when it comes to creating, but it's proven to be quite a task. Defining inspiration and it's origins are difficult enough since each of us find it in various places; Is it spending time with friends? Is it from your favorite book? Is it looking at someone else's life? Is it music? Is it trying new things? Is it the simple notion of wanting to be a better artist, or singer, or photographer, or producer etc or wanting a better life?

I visit one of my favorite websites, The Daily Motivator, daily and one of the the topics of the day this week happened to be, can you guess it? Inspiration!
"Let life inspire you. No matter what happens, you can choose to be inspired by it.
If you make a mistake, let it inspire you to be more careful and diligent next time. When you're having a great time, let it inspire you to create even more positive experiences.
Each time you see kindness, be inspired to pass it forward. If you encounter deception or injustice, feel inspired to raise your world above it.
Anything can inspire you when you choose to let it. You can even be inspired for no reason at all.
Be inspired by the big accomplishments and by the small, simple moments as well. An inspired life is a life that's rich, and it's a life you can choose no matter what.
If there's a reason to be inspired or if there is not, be inspired. Bring your spirit fully to life, and raise your life to a higher, more enriching level.
-- Ralph Marston"
I also stumbled upon a blog post by Chase Jarvis in regards to inspiration and creativity - "Is Inspiration Killing Creativity?" There are some great points worth checking out!

Some may say that inspiration comes from within. But what happens when that inspiration runs out? Where, then, do you find it? If this question isn't easy for you to answer, I suggest taking a break from life's chaos and figuring it out. It is so important to constantly challenge yourself and try new things. There's so much waiting for all of us out there… inspiration is bound to come around.

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