September 29, 2010

: We All Bleed The Same Way As You Do

"It's not the right order of things. You're not supposed to bury your children, they're supposed to bury you."

My heart is very heavy today.

Learning the latest about these four teenagers who recently took their own lives because others pushed them to the point where they feel so unloved that they can't see a better way out makes me very angry.

What is wrong with the world?

I will NEVER understand why people can be full of so much hatred. I will NEVER understand how people can point their fingers at others who have different beliefs but are good people, when they should be pointing those fingers at themselves for being so judgmental.

It's so much easier to love than to hate. I wish more people could stop being so cruel and take a moment to understand that. LOVE IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN HATE!

What if you were teased for loving someone? What if someone recorded you having sex and put it on the internet without your permission? Why don't you step into their lives for a day? How would you feel then? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED?!!

To those of you out there who are guilty of bullying, and who still do so, I don't hate you but I do hope you carry that guilt around with you long enough to make some serious changes in your life. No one deserves to be ridiculed and no one deserves to feel so bad about themselves that they attempt and succeed at suicide. Think about it; possibly because of you, someone will have lost a friend, a sibling, a parent, an aunt or uncle or any other family member, a significant other, or a child. How can you see any good in what you're doing or what you've done? How can you sit there and judge these people or laugh in their faces when you hurt them? How can you live with yourself?

"The last thing he said to me was 'have a fun time with Grandma, Mom, and I will see you on Monday.' And I will be waiting for Monday for the rest of my life."

So, if you've read this far, please do me a favor and remind your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. And then take it a step further by following Sophia Bush's suggestion... 'make someone you know, but aren't that close to, feel good this week.' You never know, you could be saving their life.

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