November 27, 2010

: Crowdrise/Twitter Background Challenge

I am looking to freshen up my Twitter page monthly but I don't want to ask people to do it for free. Therefore, I thought that donating to a new project on Crowdrise each month in return would suffice.

If you create me a Twitter background for one month out of the year, I will donate to the cause/project of your choice on Crowdrise.

I would like the style to remain similar, with a photo, "Lolly Jean," and blog link as you can see below. I would even go for a collage of some sort as long as everything else is included. You can find photos to use here.

Once completed, send an e-mail to with the background and link to the project on Crowdrise and I will donate $15. Xo


  1. hmm... will surely create one for you.. maybe after my exams... ;D

  2. Hi Lolly!
    I've created you a background, and sent you an e-mail with that and the link to my chosen charity project. This is a beautiful idea, and I thank you for using it to make the world a better place :-)
    Sarah Kate

  3. Wow, Sarah! Thank you! I will check the e-mail later today :)