November 1, 2010

: Werkin' It For Katy Perry & Halloween!

Life is crazy. The world does work in mysterious ways and I was just shown that this morning. I dressed up as Katy Perry from her “California Gurls” music video for Halloween. Little did I know it would be semi-life changing! Let’s backtrack a little bit…

The instant I saw Katy’s photo of the candy dot heels, I thought to myself… “I WANT THOSE!”... But never thought of making my own. Then the music video was released and I was blown away by all of the creativity that went into creating it. As soon as I saw the blue wig, the candy dot dress, and those amazing heels I knew that was what I would be for Halloween this year!

I procrastinated more than I thought I would with making the outfit. I ordered the wig as soon as I found it online and some white heels. The rest of it? I got the week of Halloween and didn’t finish until an hour or so before heading out on the 30th. There were a few points where I didn’t want to finish. I was so frustrated, especially with finding a white dress! But I am SO glad I pushed through because I had so much fun and Katy Perry re-tweeted my tweet and photo of the costume!!!!

Can I tell you how much I’ve wanted to scream from the excitement? I haven’t yet since I am at work, so maybe later! I received so many amazing compliments about my costume and have gained so many more followers on Twitter thanks to this. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful!

This goes to show you that hard work and persistence DOES pay off… even in the face of defeat. And the reason I say that the world works in mysterious ways is that I learned this lesson through making a costume — not exactly how I would have thought since I am chasing my dream of becoming a signed, successful model. I guess sometimes you’re taught lessons through simple means in order to have the energy and determination to further pursue your dreams.

I’m all smiles today. What a great Monday and beginning of a new month! I hope it brings you all as much joy and inspiration as it has already brought me.

If you'd like to view some more photos from my Halloween celebration, visit my Flickr. More to be added soon!


  1. Haha I saw it on twitter ! Amazing :P