December 31, 2010

: New Year Resolutions for 2011

1. Be a better blogger. I am so passionate about writing, it's one of my saving graces and I am determined to make more time for it. Who knows, one day it may be my job!

2. Achieve my goal weight of 125lbs. I know most people think I am crazy whenever I talk about losing weight, but if I ever want a successful modeling career it is something I have to do. Nothing great comes without sacrifice.

3. Become a better Crowdriser! I am also so passionate about supporting others, especially those less fortunate. Thanks to Crowdrise, I have fallen even more in love with raising awareness and money for important projects. I hope to reach my various goals with them in 2011.

4. Leave the country. I haven't left the United States except to visit Canada. I don't count that, however, because I used to live right on the Ontario border. I am terrified of long plane rides and foreign places but my life would be a waste if I didn't overcome my fears and see the world!

5. Expand my wardrobe. I know this may sound extremely materialistic and selfish but it's important to me. I like to look good, and looking good makes me feel good! I spent the last year getting rid of a large percentage of my wardrobe so I can start building a better one. So, right now, I don't have many clothes and I am looking forward to being fashion savvy in the new year!

6. Try new things. Be it cooking classes, a dance class, learning a new language, or a new hair color... I want 2011 to be a year of bigger and better. And how else can that happen unless I'm trying new things?

7. Buy my own car. I haven't owned my own car since 2007 when my baby died right before I moved to California.

8. Appear on the cover/in magazines. Or at least be in talks about it. And yes, I am going for plural because I know it can happen! Watching out Sports Illustrated, I am coming for you!

9. Put on my own fashion show. My girlfriend and I have been talking about this for months now and in 2011 I want to make it a reality.

10. Re-build confidence in myself. Somewhere in the last year or so, I lost all confidence in myself. I don't like looking in the mirror and I don't think anything looks good on me. I know it's foolish and I am determined to break myself of it.

I'm sure I could list off 100 things I want in the new year but I think 10 will suffice for now! I am so ready for a new year and a new attitude.

I wish you all an amazing, safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! HELL YEAH 2011!!

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  1. Happy new year :)

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