December 21, 2010

: There's a Spark in You!

**Wrote this for my company's blog, but really wanted to share it on my personal blog as well**

Not every one may be a fan of Katy Perry, or her music, but if anything, you have to respect her big heart and her passion for others.

Her latest single 'Firework' was written to inspire people to show their own 'spark' and to not be afraid to chase after what they want the most. To me, that is one of the most important messages someone could put out there.

To take it a step further, she set up a contest to find kids all over Europe who have amazing and inspiring stories to be in her music video for 'Firework' in Budapest, which you may have already seen.

Just today, I stumbled upon some behind the scenes videos for the song and wanted to share them because the message is so magical, and so powerful; I had tears in my eyes not even 2 whole minutes into the first video.

So if you've run out of inspiration and need a place to start again, I would suggest listening to these stories. I couldn't imagine anyone not feeling the least bit inspired afterward.



Great, right? If you're still with me, you can also check out the music video for 'Firework' below.


Finally, if you have an inspiring story you'd like to share please do so in the comments below.

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