January 13, 2011

: 6 Steps for Success in Health & Fitness

Staying fit is an everyday struggle for me now that I work a full-time job and carry the responsibilities of a young adult. Growing up was a lot different, however.

I was very active and I can credit my Dad for that. He kept my sister and I busy with bike rides, walks by the river and had us involved in sports including basketball, softball, and track & field. I feel very lucky for that because our diets were awful. We ate a lot of fast food because we were always on the go, and as a single parent, my Dad only knew how to cook certain foods which were mostly canned or frozen pizzas. I was also obsessed with Buffalo wings, chicken fingers, Doritos, mozzarella sticks, Mighty Taco, and pizza eating each basically every week.

Over the last few years I've fallen in love with cooking and eating more foods that are fresh. I still eat fast/junk food on occasion but really want to begin cutting it out completely. It's important that I live a healthy lifestyle that involves clean eating and regular fitness if I want a bright future. And if I want my modeling career to go anywhere this year, I have to stick to it.

I know there are many out there like me which is why I wanted to share the following steps for success in living a healthy lifestyle.

1.) Stick with the program! Create a routine and stay with it, especially when you don’t feel like it. Consistency creates results.

This is where I fail the most. I am better with sticking to meal plans than I am exercise plans, which is a good start. But I will be working hard to stick to both.

2.) Eat often! Have a small meal or snack every two or three hours. It keeps your metabolism up and prevents the too-hungry feeling that leads to overeating.

I do fairly well with this. I always bring snacks to work, usually a piece of fruit, oatmeal, or Triscuits thin crisps. And I am always eating three meals a day.

3.) Shake things up! Every few weeks, try a new exercise, a new sport, or a new class at the gym. You'll prevent workout boredom and enhance your results because you're challenging new muscle groups.

Gyms disgust me. The main reason I don't go as often as I should is because they smell and all of the germs. I am looking forward to nicer weather so I can start hiking more, playing basketball again, and enjoying fresh air! For now I am taking kickboxing classes and plan to begin yoga and dance soon.

4.) Buddy up! If you don't already have friends who enjoy working out, make an effort to meet some at the gym or in an organized fitness group, such as a running club or kickboxing class. A group dynamic simply makes working out more fun.

My fiance and I hit the gym together on the weekends. If it's during the week, he wakes up early in the morning ( I am NOT a morning person) and I would go after work. I had a friend begin kickboxing with me, and I hope she starts coming again. It's always nice having someone there with you!

5.) Go online! Checking in and chatting with others via a message board who have similar goals helps keep you accountable, and gives you another avenue of support and encouragement.

The only think I do online when it comes to this is talk with my friend Monica, and it's usually nonsense. I am a member of Self-Magazine's online fitness group but rarely use it.

6.) Track your progress! Weigh yourself regularly and take your measurements on a monthly basis, along with front, side, and rear photos. Having the hard numbers and photos in front of you will reaffirm your commitment to getting fit and healthy, and remind you of how far you've come.

I use the Lose It! App on my iPhone to track my meals and my exercise. I weight myself once a week and measure myself about once a month. I still haven't taken photos, but that is next! I know that tracking progress really helps me out.

There you have it! I hope this helps you guys with your fitness/weight loss journeys. I think these steps are easy general enough for everyone to follow. If you need any support, feel free to hit me up on here or via Twitter — Xo

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