January 26, 2011

: 9 Best Friends and 500 Calories

Meet my nine newest best friends as of last Thursday. I've been fighting the flu and ear aches and it's not over yet! I was able to make it into the office for the morning to take care of some work I couldn't do at home but I am here, on my couch trying to rest up so I can work a full day in the office. I can't believe this flu has lasted so long! There are so many things I want to organize for work and for myself, but I can't concentrate long enough without succumbing to the pain or drowsiness. I'm feeling dizzy/light-headed typing up this blog, so I suppose I'll wrap up.

Before I do, I have to mention that my favorite Subway sandwich is over 500 calories. My staple is turkey on wheat with green peppers, onions, jalapeƱos, and Chipotle Southwest Sauce. The bread and the sauce are clearly the killers, but it's so yummy. Perhaps once or twice a month isn't so bad.

Stay tuned for many more updates from me on my fitness progress, model life, and wedding plans. And hopefully I'll have a new layout soon, I am sick of mine already.

1 comment:

  1. You're gorgeous and your outlook on life makes you even more beautiful. Hope you feel better soon. Try to get as much rest as you can. At least you're immune to germs now :)