January 25, 2011

: And so the wedding planning begins!

I've been stuck inside the apartment since Friday battling the flu, and although I wanted to do a million things I decided it would be best to rest and kick-start my wedding planning. Did I get anywhere? Not really.

I started on my friend's website, Engaged & Inspired, which led me to her other site the Inspired List where I browsed for some vendors in San Francisco. A few photographers caught my eye so I went ahead and looked at their blogs/websites. And, as usual, I got sidetracked by gorgeous photos of lighting and by wedding videos. I guess I you could say I got somewhere today, in the sense that I know I am going to have a videographer or two at my wedding. I mean, just check one out below!

Other than that I worked on a tentative guest list. It's hard to put the exact list together because we still don't have any idea where we'll be getting married. If it's somewhere here in California I know some of my close friends back home will have a hard time affording it and the same goes if we got married back East with friends out here. It's so frustrating! And the only advice I keep hearing is that I shouldn't try to please everyone else when it comes to location and such. The thing is, I'm not. I am trying to please MYSELF.

After everything I've dealt with in my life thus far, it would make me really happy to have my closest friends with me on my special day. But I've already lived in a few different places meaning I have a few different circles of close friends. It makes is really hard and I just don't want to be disappointed.

I guess we should really try to come to a decision on the location. That way the guest list could be narrowed down, if needed. Until then! Xo.

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