January 11, 2011

: Christina Green's Angels

I've been following the shootings in Arizona as best I can and on the way home tonight I came across an article on CNN that both infuriated my and made me proud.

Today, Governor Jan Brewer was gracious enough to sign an emergency legislation that bars protests within 300 ft. of a funeral and within an hour from its beginning or end. This action was taken due to threats from the Westboro Baptist Church that they would protest any funerals that have to do with these shootings. They claim it is "God's punishment for disobedience." Well if that isn't the most absurd statement I've ever heard!

I am not one to bash other's beliefs, but that is one of the many reasons I do not practice organized religion. Who in their right mind honors 'God' but will protest the funeral of a NINE YEAR OLD INNOCENT CHILD?! Yeah, I won't stand for it. How could you feel that it's right to pull something like that? Can they not hear the devastation and pain in her parents' voices when they talk about their daughter? Why aren't they sending out their best wishes to the families instead of being so ridiculous? Better yet, why can't they just keep quiet? This has nothing to do with you. Leave the families alone!

I was happy to read that there will be a group of "angels" that will do their best to remain silent while blocking out the potential protestors. It's the right thing to do and I hope the victims' families are able to attend the funeral services in peace.

Yet again, another tragic example of hatred. THE HATING NEEDS TO STOP, PEOPLE! It clearly does no one any good. A third grader, and five others, lost their lives because they went to see someone speak and someone else had a problem with it. What's even worse is he and/or the media will probably claim that he is mentally unstable. I can't even go on I am so upset.

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