January 5, 2011

: Here I Go Again, Undecided!

I found myself hitting a wall today when deciding on which direction(s) I want to take my blog in.

Do I make it about me living day-by-day? Well, that could be easy/fun if I had an interesting life and if I didn't have to exclude so many people from it (drama, always drama right?).

Do I make it a food/health blog? I don't think so. I'm not that knowledgable in those fields so I'll leave it to the experts. The most I'll do is post a funny story about a trip to the gym or my favorite recipes.

Do I write about my modeling life? If I had one right now that would work. But I haven't really done much with modeling in the last year aside from bitching about it and walking in some fashion shows.

Do I keep it strictly about inspiration? As much as I love reading inspiring posts and inspiring others, I do find that a lot of it ends up being pretty redundant, and I don't want that for my blog.

Do I take followers along on my journey with charities/fundraising? If I did, it would be a pretty niche topic, with a limited number of followers. But I guess that would be the same if I limited it in general... right?

Now you see how crazy I make myself over this, ha ha ha! I'm thinking of (thanks to a little help by my amazing friend, Monica) of doing a Julie/Julia type of thing. I enjoy writing about my days/experiences because it helps me to un-wind and in the future, remember events in specifics. I also enjoy cooking and sharing yummy recipes with people. I know it's already been done but I think it could be good for me.

Any advice/thoughts/suggestions?


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Mmmm, what a difficult decision. I think the last that you said would be the best choice.

    Write about the things you love, what you enjoy, what you like to do. It would be a tremendous turn to your blog, if you propose for example, writing about something different every day. Cooking, sports, night life, places to visit, I don't know. Everything that make you feel alive.

    I think this way, it will be easier to identify wich is the thing you are most confortable with.

    I'll be always here. Reading. :)

  2. I would say make your blog about you. What ever that may be. If you want to talk about nutrition one day and fundraising the next go for it! It would be 'Life as Lolly' :)Everything that is in your life, no restrictions. :)

  3. Thank you both! I think I will stick with blogging about my life... and incorporate some fun stuff to share with the public :)

  4. Maybe try a blog that talks about various interests/aspects of your life. Blogging about a single topic is a popular idea, but if you think about it: you're a not a single topic girl! You're multi-faceted, with a big heart, lots of interests, etc etc. Why not blog about a little of this and a little of that, whatever you find relevant?