February 23, 2011

: All About the Hair

This is me, currently. My hair is dark brown (with some black still in it), long, and I have bangs. But I am getting tired of my hair and I don't know what to do with it! Months ago I planned to color it a deep red but ran into some money troubles and haven't been able to since. Then a few of my close girlfriends decided to go red so now I really don't want to anymore. Which leaves me stumped. All I can really do is go lighter, which I'm not opposed to, but how light to go? I've never had light hair and I have no idea how it would look on me, especially being so pale on a regular basis.

Do I still color my hair red? Do I color it a light brown? Do I just get highlights? Do I cut it short again? Do I grow out my bangs? I'm so indecisive because there are so many options so I'm asking for opinions. Let's take a short trip down memory lane...

I was 18/19 here and had my hair shorter with no bangs and it was reddish-brown, as you may be able to see with the hair by my face. I liked it that color, a lot.

This is when I was 19/20 - my hair was brown, very short, and I had the side-swept bangs (that I could NEVER style right by the way).

Again, around 19/20 - my hair had grown out some and it was pretty light. I am not a huge fan of this color.

I was 20 here - my hair wasn't actually that short, I pinned it back but I loved it! I think the shape of the cut looks good on me but I don't know how it would look with my bangs. I am thinking great but I can't be too sure.

20 again - my hair was colored a blue/black here... growing it out with no bangs.

I was 23 here - hair was medium length, a lighter brown and I have my bangs.

For reds, I was thinking either of these shades:

And for a lighter look, this:

Obviously I haven't experience too much with my hair. I've mostly colored it black as I always thought dark hair looked best on me. But now, I am ready for a big change and open to your suggestions!

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  1. well... to be frank this is not a guys thing, but still if you want an opinion, i like lighter hair with darker highlights... will be happy to see you in that avatar...