February 18, 2011

: The Friday Five!

1. What are some hobbies you would like to try, but haven't done so?
There are so many hobbies I'd like to start up with again: dancing, writing, playing sports, taking photos, web design. I suppose all in all I want to be more creative and crafty. Especially with a wedding to plan, it would be nice to have some hand-made/crafty personal touches involved.

2. Why did you not pursue these hobbies?
Lack of drive or motivation. I am too comfortable in my lazy life-style.

3. Do you often feel limited by your financial state with how you spend your free time?
Absolutely. Especially the last few months and not being paid for almost two months. It definitely hinders making plans or following through with them. Adam and I were planning to visit home or North Carolina next month, I don't see that happening anymore. We were supposed to take a weekend trip to Southern California next weekend, that's not happening either. We do as much as we can for free, or cheap, but not much is free or cheap these days!

4. Do your hobbies play a major part of your life, or help define who you are?
I believe that sports and writing used to play a huge role, and did define me at one point. Writing was a way to release my feelings and I was a top basketball player in my hometown, even all of Western New York when I was younger. That's what I was good at and that's what people knew about me.

These days I guess you could say Twitter and blogging inspiring sayings is a hobby and I am certainly defined as someone who inspires.

5. Do you have any hobbies you have made income from?
I think I may have won small amounts of money in basketball tournaments but I wouldn't say I've made any income at all from hobbies. It's a nice thought, and aspiration!

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  1. Well thats inspires me to continue with m hobby of blogging... I've been too lazy to post since last month...
    The lack of drive or motivation is also a prob. with me. But gotta start it again real soon...