March 28, 2011

: Monday Mingle

This is my first Vlog for Monday Mingle, so don't laugh! I absolutely hate recording myself because it means I have to watch and listen. I don't know what it is but I can't stand looking at or hearing myself - haha! Hopefully it gets easier as the weeks go by ;)

Yikes! Totally didn't realize the video cuts off when talking about my apps, lame! My 2nd favorite is Foursquare and I couldn't pick a 3rd ;P


  1. I think your first video is good! I haven't gotten the guts to do one yet... I just keep watching them! HA! Maybe next week....

  2. Nice job! It was my first one, too :)

  3. Awe - thanks ladies! That means a lot to hear :)
    I have to find the time to check out some others today...