May 3, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge & Stinson Beach!

Now that we own a newer, more dependable car, we can finally take longer trips to new places. Last weekend this new place was over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito and the Muir Woods to Stinson Beach!

If you didn't already know I have a huge fear of heights and although I can handle roller coasters there is something terrifying about driving on a bridge suspended over the ocean. Cue my overactive mind thinking an earthquake will happen while we're on it and we'll fall into the ocean inside of our car unable to escape. Yeah, that is how my mind works in these situations! Anyway, I was scared but it was an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to live so close to this beautiful wonder.

We stopped for breakfast at Fred's Coffee Shop for a yummy brunch (thank you Yelpers for all of your tips!). Fred's is famous for their deep-fried french toast and even though there was a local eating some and raving about them, I opted for the apple-chicken sausage and cheese omelet with sourdough bread and hash browns that I couldn't finish. As you can see, it was a pretty big order and the entire thing didn't fit in the photo ;) Maybe I'll try the french toast next time.

We headed into the Muir Woods onto the windiest of roads I have ever seen in my life and finally made it to Stinson Beach!

It is such a cute, little beach town and as it was a gorgeous day, it was pretty packed. As we walked down the beach a little boy screamed: "Watch out for the jellyfish!" And I was thinking, WTF? Well, wouldn't you know? A few minutes later we saw washed up jellyfish! Scary but cool. We didn't stay too long thought I could have stayed all day. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time at the beach this summer.

I have to invest in cute beach umbrellas this year.

Getting some sun. No bikinis yet, still have toning to do ;)

One of the many jellyfish on the beach.

A boy and his dog :)

Anyone else looking forward the spending time at the beach this summer? What are some of your favorite beach activities? Xo.

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