May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommies out there - especially my own. I wish I could be with her today. Distance sucks! My day was nice, though. We made our rounds between both sides of Adam's family.

First was a nature walk at a park near Adam's Mom along with a little picnic.

Later was dinner with Adam's Dad and Step-Mom at Market Broiler. It was very good and I'd love to go back and try more dishes again soon. We saw a killer sunset on the way back, too!

I wish I could go into more detail about the day and share more photos but I cannot and will not speak in detail about any family member on Adam's side of the family as I don't want to be the reason World War III erupts. It is very hard having such sensitive situations with the soon-to-be in-laws and even my own family. Our families are both torn apart with either side not wanting to see or speak with the other, yet always seem to ask how the others are doing. There has been a lot of damage done within both of our families and it makes holidays difficult. And it will also make our wedding a bit difficult and uncomfortable as some family members on both sides will see each other for the first time in years and years. So stress levels sorta sky-rocket whenever I begin to think about our wedding and who we will or will not invite.

Anyway! I hope all of my followers and friends had a good weekend and I wish you nothing but the best for this next week to come. Keep it positive!

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