May 24, 2011

One Day I Will Own a Louis Vuitton

Met with someone interesting today. A recent college graduate who is a world traveler. She started her own non-profit during college and managed to secure funding through an MTV competition which paid for a trip to Africa. And has a great fashion sense, and clearly some sort of budget to pay for it all.

And here I thought I had a good life ;) I know, I know. Be grateful for what you have, Lolly. I am… there shouldn't be any doubt about that. But I can certainly aspire to have more and it's okay to feel a little (or very) inadequate when I do meet someone so ambitious. Right? Right!

Really though… she also speaks Chinese, a bit of French, is interested in the arts, is a lifeguard and a swimmer… she also blogs and does very well with marketing. And she owns a Louis Vuitton bag that I drool over each time I see someone with it.
Me? I work full-time for a great start-up, rarely update my blog with anything interesting… I cook, go to the gym here and there, own maybe 5 handbags/purses that are all under $50 and kill zombies with my fiance. That hardly sounds accomplished.

I think I'm in need of a real pick-me-up! Maybe I need another celebrity to re-tweet me, or something - haha! ;) I hope I can turn my life around for the better again. And that I can keep it that way, at least in that direction rather than always taking ten steps back after making progress.

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