May 10, 2011

The Wedding Planning Blues

I already dislike wedding planning and I don't even have a date set, a venue, a dress, or even colors picked out. All I have is a tentative guest list that I have to go over again and again and again. I want to cry.

My sister is such a doll, though. She is trying to help me out by sending me spreadsheets she used and researching locations and prices for me so I can try to narrow down what type of venue I want and what is reasonable for our budget. That will certainly help and I am very grateful.

The worst part about planning the wedding is that 99% of the bridal party (even though I haven't narrowed it down yet and it could always change a year from now) is across the country and won't be able to be here with me through the process. It breaks my heart and is one reason I don't even want to plan this thing.

We do have e-mail, phones, and even video chat if needed but it's not the same. I'm so envious of all of the brides who live near their families and close friends. But, this is the life I chose right? I'll just have to suck it up when I can, and cry when I can't.

I'm sure all of you brides out there are laughing at me (in a good way) knowing that it will all be okay but this is me, a new bride-to-be who is extremely stressed out not knowing what to do or where to start! ;)


  1. I feel the same way. Sucks not having close friends and family near to enjoy/share the experience together.

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  3. Aw Lollerz! :-( I wish I could be out there to help... if you need anything, just point me in the direction of what you want research on or something, I will help anyway I can! {{hugs}}

    P.S. Check out my latest post. I featured you in one of my random facts :-)

  4. Hey! So I don't know much about wedding planning, but this website might be able to give you a few hints:

    This is really not spam, I'm just helping out :) I have no affiliation to this website. Good luck in the planning! I can't wait to plan mine someday!

  5. Don't feel alone! I'm in the same, if not worse position. I don't have any friends who are into wedding stuff (if anything, everyone I know hates weddings), so I have no one to talk to or share things with. Good luck to you! I liked the website for scoping locations in the bay area.

  6. Khatu It does suck. We can stick together on the internet, though ;)

    Kristen Thank you so much! I'm going to try to sit down this weekend and finalize some of the first steps and then work on a theme and colors :)

    Megan Thanks girl, I'll check it out!!

    Kechiko Are you getting married too?