June 15, 2011

Calorie Counting with Lose It! and My Fitness Pal

Happy Hump Day! It's been a strange one for me so far. I woke up this morning in a horrible mood because I didn't get out of bed when my alarm went off, again. Instead I slept for another hour which wasted away my morning. However, somehow my mood has gotten better since :)

I've decided to start counting calories again. As I indulged in my peppery cottage cheese, I thought back to when I was counting and how much it helped me lose some weight and feel better. So even though counting calories is such a pain in the butt, it is a small sacrifice to find happiness with myself again.

I have two apps on my iPhone: Lose It! and My Fitness Pal.

I am more accustomed to Lose It! because it's what I started with but I've been hearing that My Fitness Pal is the better of the two. I think I will use both for the first week, see which works better for me, and review them too. Yay for blog post ideas ;)

Do you prefer one over the other? Or do you use a completely different system? I'd love to hear!

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