June 15, 2011

Official San Francisco Marathon Runner!

Today seems to be a great day as far as my health and wellness is concerned. First I began counting calories again, second I've eaten so well, and finally I am officially signed up as a runner in the San Francisco Marathon, thanks to a little inspiration from Sophia Bush! What's even better is that I will be running to benefit The Art of Elysium and The Nature Conservancy. (You may donate to one or both by clicking on the links - thanks in advance!)

I initially thought about signing up for it months ago but lost interest once I started to become depressed again, or whatever you want to call it. I wasn't able to secure many donations for it and I guess I just lost hope. Instead of using those months to train for the marathon, I spent them sulking and not eating as well as I should. Nor did I hit the gym hard.

The marathon is on July 31st so that doesn't give me much time at all to train, but I still feel good about it. This actually gives me the motivation I've been lacking to get myself into the gym again and run outside once I find a nice place to. I feel a little bit crazy because running is something I dislike very much but I will be doing it for some good causes… and for me. So I'm ready for the challenge.

Have you ever run a marathon? Are you planning to this year? Any tips for a newbie? ;)

Please don't forget to donate to the projects I am representing at the marathon this year. If you can't spare the money, at least spread the word for me? Thank you!

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  1. i hate running too but if i was there i would run with you!!