July 17, 2011

Procrastination Bitch Slap

"I’m a master at finding shit to do when there’s other shit needing to be done and the shit usually getting done isn’t among the most pressing shit on my To Do list." — Erika Napoletano

Procrastination is an evil word. One I know all too well. I have many aspirations and dreams, yet I'm always putting them off for things like my job, laziness, and TV.

Naturally, I was happy to see that Erika at RedHeadWriting.com wrote an article on this issue last week. It's hilarious and truthful, and here are some of the parts that stood out to me...

Procrastination makes things worse. If it sucks now, it’s not going to suck any less when we get our asses in gear and get it done.

Procrastination doesn’t fix anything. Yup – that thing you didn’t want to do? It’s still there. Getting things done is a killer adrenaline rush – procrastination, while a producer of the same adrenaline rush, feels incomparably shitty and leaves us worried, anxious and unable to make decisions that will actually benefit us.

Procrastination doesn’t foster growth. The United States is a nation adept at procrastination – we foster it through our legislative and political process. We live in four-year cycles of blame instead of taking ownership of the fact that it took hundreds of years to fuck this country up and it’s going to take more than four to get it straight (when it was never straight in everyone’s eyes to begin with).

So yeah – procrastination can suck it and this is a Bitch Slap. It’s time to stop putting off the things that mean the most in favor of the things we know we need to do, are being paid to do and always knew had to be done. YouTube can wait. The kitchen can stay a mess for another half hour.

Great points, right? I encourage you to read the full article when you have the time.

Now, let's all put our best foot forward and try our hardest to limit our procrastinating this week! Some of the things shit I've been putting off include:

  • reviewing my budget
  • planning end of year vacations
  • buying running shoes for my marathon on 7/31 (yep... sigh)
  • finishing the many blog drafts I have saved
  • making a hair appointment
What are some things on your never-ending to-do list that you can get done this week?

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