July 27, 2011

Show Your Hearts Today!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the Berry Family and asked all of you to look into your hearts and support the three young children left without parents because of a tragic car accident. I didn't see many people acting on it but today, thanks to someone who has a larger audience than I (celebrities like Justin Beiber, Britney Spears, and the band Neon Trees), we are all asking you to #showyourhearts to support the Berry Children!

There is a significant urgent need to raise funds to aid these now orphaned children's ongoing needs, including medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, psychological support and education. 

As always, if you cannot spare the $5 or $10 (which all of you buying your lattes in the AM should be able to) at least spread the word to those who can donate.

Please join all of us who are showing our hearts today!! 

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