August 1, 2011

On the Edge of Glory

Thinking back on the weekend makes me…happy. When I close my eyes and reminisce, I can't help but smile. I just smile and my eyes fill up with joyful tears. It’s a delicious feeling that I hope each one of you is able to experience one day.

To put it simply, I am blessed, incredibly blessed for the opportunities that were presented to me. And I am proud of myself for pushing through all of the heartache and frustration that came with them. Not only did I finish my first ever 5K in 33:54 !!, something I can now cross off my bucket list, but I also reached my fundraising goal and then some for The Nature Conservancy and The Art of Elysium. In doing so, I helped Sophia Bush reach her goal of raising $50K for The Nature Conservancy that will be matched by another organization. How fan-freaking-tastic is that?

What made the journey even better is that I was able to hang out with Sophia, who is such a sweet girl, and Robert from Crowdrise. We had a tiny heart to heart that almost ended in tears on my end. Robert and the other founders have provided the world with a fun and interactive platform that truly cares about the world and every soul in it. I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Being a small part of such a selfless community has changed my life - forever. I never fully realized how much I enjoy giving back until this last year and a half. Knowing that I am helping to change the course of someone else’s life is priceless. I would rather have the feeling I feel in my heart right now over anything else.

While I still have your attention (at least I hope I do) I want to take a moment and thank each and every person who donated to my project and who supported my run in the marathon. Truth be told, it wasn't an easy journey. There were many moments of pure frustration when I saw no money coming into my project. There were even more moments of pain during my training.

But I did it. I reached my goal and I couldn't have done it without your donations -- Mieke, @Stealx, Melanie, Yan, J, and the two anonymous donors… thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity means so much to me and even more to the world. Cue those pesky tears ;')


  1. Proud of you! Congrats on achieving your goal and helping others in the process :) It's just the beginning - happy August!

  2. congratulations. im super proud of you

  3. This is so awesome to read! I'm so happy for and proud of you! You're an inspiration, girl. Keep following your dreams. xoxo

  4. Congratulations! Your first 5 k is a huge accomplishment & just the beginning I'm sure :) I love your blog, it's inspiring & motivational - you've definitely got a new follower! Keep up the amazing work x