August 16, 2011

Sending Letters to Myself

Dear Self,

Things have been a little rough lately… okay not a little, very rough lately… but don't get too down on yourself.

It's okay if you need to look yourself in the mirror every morning and remind yourself how awesome you really are.

It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to not go through things alone, no matter how painful the process of opening up your heart and soul is.

It's okay that you've reached out to a therapist. Remember that getting help for yourself isn't a sign that you're weak. It's a sign that things will start to get better.

It's okay if you need to constantly remind yourself throughout the day that life is so much better when you're smiling and laughing.

It's also okay to cry and go a little crazy when you need to. After all, you always tell yourself how much better you feel about things after a good cry. In fact, you're usually smiling within 5 minutes of it.

It's okay to feel down about things from time to time and not want to get out of bed... As long as you pick yourself back up again and move along positively.

Things have been extremely rough lately. You've pushed away negative feelings instead of pushing them out of your system and dealing with them. Now that you're going to be doing just that, please remember...

You're strong. You're a warrior. You've made it this far in life which is farther than most would have expected given all that has been thrown your way.

You are a good person, with a big heart, and that truly matters in life.

You can change the world and I believe that is what you are destined to do.

You need to start practicing what you preach on a daily basis. You have come a long way from your negative days, but there is work to do.

You don't have to push people away, in fact you need to put a stop to it. Do your best not to hurt them in the process, but if you do apologize from the heart and realize that it is a part of life. Life isn't anything without a little pain and suffering. After all, that is how you learn the biggest lessons.

As your celebrity twin says, baby you're a firework! Ignite that light that lives inside of you… There is no reason for you to dim it any longer, it's time to let it shine!



  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Wow this is really cool. Im def gonna do that now to help get through the bad stuff and stay positive.

  2. What a beautiful letter and so true! Keep your head up! xo

  3. It's inspiring. I sometimes do things like this. It really helps. I think that sometimes when you feel that anybody else can help you, yourself can do it. Believing in ourselves is the best thing we can do.