August 18, 2011


#WorstThingInTheWorld was a trending topic today and I was happy to see it there because it gave me the chance to raise awareness around certain things. Here is what tops my #WorstThingInTheWorld list.

Hate/Discrimination/Bullying. I hope I don't have to do too much explaining here. Hating on somebody for any reason is not okay and only leads to negative outcomes. The same goes for bullying and discrimination. Love IS Louder than all of this. Educate yourself and donate:

Ignorance. One of the worst things is when people make snide comments about something they know nothing about.

Distracted Driving. Applying make up, changing the radio, eating or drinking, and texting all fall under the category of distracted driving. They all make being on the road dangerous and all have been the reason people have lost their lives.

Did you contribute to this trend today? What would be on your list?

Xo, lolly

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