September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Reflections

This last weekend reminded me of how much better life is when I keep busy.

I walked in a make-up line's launch show and judged a spokesmodel search for my girl Shay's fashion line. It took up most of my weekend and I have to say, not being on my phone or the computer or watching TV felt really nice. I mean, REALLY nice. It also made me think of how much I miss modeling. Modeling is a part of who I am, it will be nice to get back to it one day.

I also had less time to sit around and get lost in my thoughts, which sparks the majority of my anxiety attacks. Not that having time to reflect is a bad thing, but I've had way too much of it lately and it is time I start living life again.

That said, I am totally looking forward to this coming weekend because I will be super busy with one of my best friends who is visiting from the East Coast! It's been a while since we've seen each other and with everything I've been going through, it will be refreshing to have her next to me to cry with, laugh with, and enjoy life with. We'll be spending a little time in San Francisco and the majority of it in Los Angeles (hopefully on the beach). I can't wait!

There is still so much on my mind about a plethora of things. I hope I'll be able to figure out what to leave behind and what to move forward with soon.

Wishing you all a positive and happy week ahead!

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