October 28, 2011


life rearranged
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I want this printed, framed, and on my wall!

Ozzie. He's so photogenic :)

Goat cheese stuffed grilled peppers. Very yummy!

Spent a couple days at Universal Orlando.

I caught Jaws!! ;)

The Simpson's Ride. Not too fabulous but still fun.

I'm a grammar freak, so I had to share this too ;)

I returned from vacation last night and two minutes after walking into my apartment I started to cry. It's good to be home, in my own space but I guess reality slapped me hard in the face. I'll elaborate more on this soon. Happy Friday, all! Xo

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  1. No crying!!! Glad you had a good week/vacay, but now I'm worried about you. HappyFriday?