November 4, 2011


life rearranged
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I recycled my costume for Katy Perry's concert for Halloween this year as I was extremely lazy in making a costume and I figured I paid enough for all of the pieces, I should get some use out of it ;) 

Important quote from One Tree Hill.

Another Halloween photo. 

Village buildings in Harry Potter land!

Re-post of my yummy red lentil soup w/goat cheese.

Re-post of this handsome fella.

Hogwart's Express :)

I didn't take many photos from my actual week, so most of these are from my trip to Florida last month. I can't believe October is already last month. 2011 seriously flew by way to fast. 


  1. That soup looks totally yummy. And doggie is such a cutie!

  2. what a cute dog...happy friday!!!

  3. You're rockin that outfit girl! I love me some Katy Perry.

  4. i am dying to go to HP world. DYING! so jealous!
    and perhaps a little dramatic. ;)

  5. You totally pulled that costume off. Killer.

  6. Its just me and the disney in me but all i saw was the mickey shaped plating from your soup dishes..