November 11, 2011

Organic Shopping on a Budget - Help!

Alright all of you frugal shoppers out there, I am in need of some serious help.

A and I recently worked on our budgets and decided we'd budget ourselves $500 in food/groceries this month as a test. Well, in less than two weeks we've reached that amount between groceries and eating out at work a few times. I was shocked!

Recently I've been so good about cooking dinner and having leftovers for lunch the next day, even for dinner later in the week. And in the past I was able to stick to a pretty low budget with cooking our meals and not eating out as much. We're not buying things are are ultra expensive either - looking through my receipts the most expensive items are meats, which I try to limit as well. It leaves me pretty baffled as to why we've spent so much money.

We are fairly healthy when it comes to eating and I'm all about eating as organic as possible. That said, I figure grocery shopping will be more expensive. Add in the fact that, as far as I know, there aren't many coupons for organic brands. Or are there? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Most coupons I see are for brands like Kraft or Tyson which I do not buy, and will never buy.

We do need to start going back to the local farmer's market on Sundays and that will help a bit.

I found this article that gives some tips for organic shopping on a budget, but some of it doesn't seem that it will help me much.

Does anyone who eats organic have any shopping advice for me? Where do you find your coupons for organic produce, meats, and such?

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  1. Dont have any advice but I have wanted to start shopping organic too. it would be on a budget, going to check out that article too.