December 5, 2011

Christmas Cabins, Holiday Talk, and Birthdays

Caught up with my sister last week and we reminisced a bit about Christmases growing up, which turned into agreeing that they would never be the same since our tradition was thrown out the window because of my Dad's mistakes. We will be able to start our own traditions with our families but since we don't have families of our own yet, we're sort of stuck in a weird limbo. A not so fun limbo at that. Both of us have 4+ places to choose to visit every year for the Holidays which makes it a tad miserable because if you pick one place, you'll be upsetting or letting someone down. So her and her husband are talking about building a cabin somewhere in North Carolina so we can have a place to meet every Holiday as a new tradition. I'm really looking forward to when that day comes.

Anyway! I wrapped my first gifts of the season last night and they're being sent off to Gwen as a part of A Very Bloggy Christmas swap! This is my first blog swap and I'm so excited to send these off and to receive mine.

My friend Britt also shared some super cute printable Holiday Shopping Lists. Go on over to her blog to view and print them - :)

Today is my Grandma's birthday - Happy Birthday, Grandma! I gave her a call when I got into the office this morning and my sister sent her flowers from the both of us. I wish we could see her but we do what we can being so far away.


  1. Love those shopping lists! Super cute!

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandma :)

  3. How did I miss this post!!! I got my package today!!! LOVE IT!!! I can't wait for you to get yours tomorrow. So much fun and thank you so very, very, very much!!!