December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

Babysitting our nephew again today and he's napping, therefore the best opportunity to share how our Christmas went.

To put it out there, I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone again. I swear it goes by faster and faster each year and I don't like it. The Holidays are my favorite time of year and to see them pass by so quickly breaks my fragile heart. Though they're never as magical as when I was younger, they still make me happy.

Adam and I open one gift each on Christmas Eve; I gave him a pour over coffee set from Blue Bottle that included coffee beans, filters, and the ceramic dripper and he gave me a pair of Victoria's Secret yoga pants with a gift card. They're really cute but I don't have a picture & I don't seem them on their site, so you'll have to wait - ;)

Christmas morning was pleasant. We enjoyed our first drip coffee in the comfort of our own home and it was delicious. While enjoying our caffeine we opened the rest of our gifts!

Adam received from me three Xbox 360 games [Madden '11, NCAA Basketball '10, and Grand Theft Auto], a Water Bobble filter replacement, a $150 Amazon gift card to go towards a new guitar, a bag of Reese's cups, an 'A' ornament, and the traditional boxers and socks. My sister & her husband gave him Buddy Brew coffee beans.

From Adam I received an iPad2 complete with pink cover, a MAC gift card, and the VS purchases. From my sister & family I received a soup recipe book complete with 365 recipes, three soup kits, two soup bowls. From Kristen I received two cute watches I've had my eye on. I also received some money from my Mom and Aunts, which I will be donating and saving.

My sister and her husband gave Adam and I a super cute organic duvet cover that we so desperately needed, from West Elm.

We hosted a small gathering at our place this Christmas for Adam's brother, sister-in-law, nephew and Mother. It was nice having people over, we usually don't invite anyone because our place is so small, especially for the Holiday. I was distracted enough not to be sad over missing my own family. We enjoyed plenty of delicious food [cookies, cheese, eggplant & roasted pepper dip, spinach dip, turkey breast, etc], watched Elf, and opened presents. It was awesome to see Jasper learn how to open presents. We gave him one outfit [black hoodie, plaid shirt, and black pants] along with magnetic letters and numbers for the fridge. In return from Jasper and his parents we're receiving a new coffee grinder as Adam's current one is loud and on it's way to the grave. Very thankful!

I still have my dreams of what a "perfect" Christmas day would be for me, but as we relaxed on the couch last night, I felt good and I haven't felt that way on Christmas in a long time.

How was your Christmas? I can't wait to hear all about them - :)

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  1. Isn't it crazy that Christmas is already over?! Unbelievable!!