December 30, 2011

Goal-Setting for 2012

Setting a goal is more than simply knowing what you want and writing it down. It's about making a commitment to yourself that you will no longer settle for less than you deserve. It's about setting a fire in your heart that burns in the middle of the night keeping you awake because you know you're not there yet!

Twenty-eleven has come and gone in a flash (flash! ahhhh... anyway), almost to the point where it's left my head spinning. Looking back I accomplished a lot, though many of the things weren't what I listed as goals or resolutions for the year, I am extremely proud of myself. It also goes to show that setting resolutions isn't always imperative, but allowing yourself to have goals and be flexible with them is.

Here is my list of goals for 2012, the last year of our lives (no, I don't really believe it).

Follow through
I'm horrible at following through with plans and things. A lot of it has to do with my anxiety but I've been letting it get the best of me for too long now. It's to the point where I can't make excuses anymore. If I want to heal and grow, I have to stop letting my anxiety prevent me from getting out there and living life. I am constantly setting goals for myself (sometimes daily) and rarely accomplish any of them because I am had at following through. Time to change that!

Build my Blog network
I love to write, it's one of my few passions in life I've had since childhood. I feel that, though I've been blogging for a year, I haven't been dedicating the proper time to writing and that is something I want to change this year. In addition to sharing tales of my life, I want to write material that is inspiring and meaningful.

Be healthy/more active
I'm not going to set any weight goals for myself as I feel they only make it harder to get off the couch. Numbers can be a scary thing and I don't have a whole lot of weight to lose anyway. This is more about being active and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Even if I only take one yoga class a week and walk around the block everyday after lunch at work, it's more than I'm doing now.

Read more
Reading is another thing I really enjoy. Getting lost in a good book with a cup of tea (and sometimes a bubble bath)… ahh, nothing better! If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. I don't want to limit myself to just books, though, there are plenty of blogs and articles online with useful information. So, read more, is a good goal.

Be a better friend
I always say that I am a good friend, and I do believe it, but something tells me I'm not being the best friend that I could be. I tend to spread myself extremely thin in most aspects of my life and this includes friendships. Quality over quantity, it's easy to forget that at times. I think if I start to focus on those friends who put forth effort to be in my life, it'll be a lot easier to feel like I have meaningful friendships.

Volunteer more
For the last year I've been raising money for various charities, $2,639 to be exact. And while raising money is important and empowering, I want to get out there and get my hands dirty. Being in the thick of it, I believe, will only drive me more to help - be it raising money, building a home or school, or giving speeches.

Run another marathon
The San Francisco Marathon was a life-changer for me. Not only did I accomplish what seemed an impossible goal of running a 5K, but I raised over $400 for The Nature Conservancy and celebrated it all alongside Sophia Bush. The satisfaction of crossing the finish line (and not dying) is one of the best feelings in the world. I want to feel it again.

Cook more
I love to cook and share my recipes with y'all, but I have a hard time sticking to it, again with the following through. There are weeks I am great with meal planning/cooking and then I go weeks being lazy about it and that is when we spend more money on meals out. I have to stop being lazy and just do it. Besides, recipes is a main category now on my blog so it's a must that I cook on a regular basis.

Whether you're setting goals or resolutions for the new year, let's all get passionate about making 2012 our best year yet! Happy New Year, loves! Xo

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