December 29, 2011

Help Me Choose a Winner!

Next weekend I'm attending the Team True Beauty 1-Year Anniversary event in Hollywood. Not only will I be surrounded my many friends and many more inspiring women, but I will be walking the red carpet!

This is where y'all come in — I'm having the worst time deciding on a gown. Below are some of my final picks. Please tell me your thoughts and what your favorites are - :)

1. Glitz Gown by Badgley Mischka
I pretty much love everything about this gown.
The top isn't my favorite but I think it's gorgeous over all.

2. Gold Glam by Blugirl
I fell in love with this one until I saw the back. I think it ruins the dress :-/

 3. Ruffles in Red by Badgley Mischka
Normally I wouldn't choose red but I'm LOVING this one.

4. Party All Night by Badgley Mischka
I wanted to stay away from my staple color, black, but this is so pretty.
It's definitely a front runner for me.

 5. Screen Siren by Badgley Mischka
Stunning, right? I really love this one but I feel it isn't form-fitting enough.
And if you're caught at the wrong angle, it won't be flattering.

There they are! I'll definitely order one of these but I'm also going to go out tomorrow and Saturday to some shops to see if I can find anything better since I'll be able to actually try it on well before the event.

Picking the right one is making me so nervous. It's going to be a magical night so I want to feel just as good!


  1. Sarah1:23 PM

    I vote for #4. I will also be at the event. My dress is not as glamorous as these though. By the way, love your blog.

  2. All these dresses put mine to shame lol. I love them all in different ways. Badgley Mischka is one of my FAVORITE designers so you really cannot go wrong. You are a gorgeous girl so anything you wear will truly be amazing. I love the first one a lot. I love the glitz & glam. I think red is a really hot color right I love that one too...I also loved number 4!!!!!! Not sure if that helped. So out of those 3 i'd say number one hands down :)
    I cannot wait to finally meet you & see what dress you choose.

    kristin (RivercourtSML)

  3. you make it hard to decide! I am loving the first dress and that red one. I kinda feel like that red one would be super hot on you. va va va voom! just saying. lol :-P