December 9, 2011


life rearranged
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We spent some time over last weekend with Adam's nephew, brother, and sister in law. They live in San Francisco, so it's always a treat when we visit because they're great company and I love the city!

We hit up our local Farmer's Market again on Sunday. It was a beautiful, fall-like day here in California.

Finally, here are some randoms. A shot of mine from the Katy Perry concert, my sister's dogs, my little "inspriation zone" at work, and you know - Santa driving his convertible. Only in California ;)


  1. Love the San Francisco pics! I am so jealous of your weather. I am looking at snow outside my window!

  2. Very pretty pictures from this past week... and your dogs look very well behaved!!

  3. love the pictures of the trees with the leaves changing colors. we don't really get that in LA they just turn a muddy brown, not pretty.

  4. Cool! Katy Perry! I bet that was an awesome concert!