December 14, 2011

Life's Short, Eat Cookies!

Taking Mondays off, or having them off of work in general, always messes me up for the rest of the week. Here I am writing this up thinking it's a different day of the week. What day? I couldn't even say, that's how tired I am. Why so tired? Adam and I took a road-trip down to Orange County over the weekend to see our niece's first ballet recital and visit some friends.

We left late Saturday night because we wanted to attend our friend's surprise Birthday party (which was awesome - he was totes surprised) and didn't roll into our hotel room until 3AM. The drive seriously felt much longer than normal, I'm sure driving so late and already being tired had something to do with it. Sunday was the only full day we had there so we got up, drove to our Peet's in Belmont Shore (Long Beach), and to our first stop which was Fashion Island to visit the Baking Betty's kiosk. Our friend's Taryn and Emily started their own cookie company two years ago and recently were able to get their first store front in the form of the kiosk. It's totally cute! They do ship their scrumptious cookies, so if you are looking for a easy and delicious Christmas gift I recommend their S'more or Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip cookies - ;)

WILW #1 - Baking Betty Cookies

Next we headed to our friend's house where we all met to drive to the venue the ballet was held at which happened to be Huntington's Boys & Girls Club. We all did some catching up while waiting in line and for the next two hours we watched various ballet performances, my favorite being the Candy Cane Janes.

WILW #2 - My adorable, funny, and sweet niece Emma!

After Emma's recital we enjoyed some of the best Pho Ga I've had yet with some friends. Then we headed back to our hotel to freshen up before meeting with more friends for dinner and drinks - don't worry, only water for me. It was such a great night. Plenty of good food and necessary (and funny) conversations. We surprised ourselves with how late we stayed out after not getting much rest from the night before. Well worth it!

We woke up Monday morning and left the hotel at 10AM for the drive back home. Usually when we visit SoCal we leave late in the afternoon but I now prefer the mornings because it's nice to get home well before 11PM. We stopped at our Peet's of course to fuel up our bodies for the long drive and off we went in the rainy weather. As we were leaving LA proper the temperature started to drop and we joked how rad it would be if it were to snow. Low and behold, it snowed! I was ecstatic. I haven't experience snowfall since I moved out here in 2007 and this Buffalo girl loves her some snow. Needless to say, those 20 minutes of snowfall were some of the best moments this year.


We arrived home about 5PM, dropped off our stuff, and went out for some sushi. I had been craving it for weeks and boy was it yummy. I started with shrimp tempura, I'm a sucker for tempura, and enjoyed a Bay Bridge Roll which consisted of avocado and crab with mini scallops on top.
WILW #4 - Sushi!

Finally, we finished decorating our Christmas tree. There isn't a theme to it this year, just a bunch of random ornaments, colored lights, and tinsel. We still have to buy our "yearly tradition" ornament for it but other than that it's complete and oh so pretty. It's a bit lop-sided but pretty - ;)
WILW #5 - Christmas & Decorations!

It feels great having the tree decorated and with only 11 days left until Christmas (seriously, how did that happen?) I have a lot of work left to do: more decorations, sending out the rest of our cards, wrapping gifts, sending gifts, and finishing my Christmas shopping. I'm definitely looking forward to payday this week.

What else am I loving today? My gifts from A Very Bloggy Christmas swap, all of the wonderful people I've been connecting with via my blog and Twitter, red velvet scented candles, and heating pads that soothe my achy back. I don't have any Pinterest finds for y'all yet this week, haven't spent much time on it. I know, I know how could I? Have a great day!


  1. Your niece is precious!! Your tree is pretty too!

  2. Oh gosh how CUTE is your neice!! Awe :)