December 30, 2011

The One That Got Away

My heart is sad today. Russell has filed for divorce from Katy. I know I don't know them personally but I have admired Katy for a long time now and generally, I just want everyone to be happy. I'm sure they had their share of happy and loving moments and I hope they both find happiness again.
Stemming from this news, I have to say that it pisses me off to see people commenting how celebrities ruin marriage and such. It's disrespectful and shows how ignorant people can be. Celebrities are people like you and I, they simply have more notoriety and money. They're still allowed to fall in love and marry if they so please. I do believe that being in the public eye, along with hectic schedules, makes it harder to maintain healthy relationships and marriages so they should perhaps take more time to work on things, but just because they're celebs and it doesn't work out doesn't mean they're ruining anything. It simply means their divorces and separations are reported more.

In regards to Katy and Russell, they did it the right way too. They married in a private ceremony that wasn't televised (*cough* Kim K *cough*) and were surrounded by a smaller group of loved ones. I believe they took marriage a lot more seriously than some others do and that makes it even more sad to hear the news.

I was totally hoping for Katy babies, too - :(

Wishing both Katy and Russell nothing but the best in the new year. Xo

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