January 24, 2012

January Sponsor Love!

I'm currently a sponsor on two of my most favorite blogs - Between the Lines and Julie Ann Art - so I thought I'd give them both a quick shout out.

I've known Laura now for years and years. We became friends on Livejournal way back in, oh I'd say, 2004/05. It has been a lovely journey getting to know her and following her every day life.

Her blog is full of wonderful things including baby and motherhood stories, beauty and fashion advice, giveaways, recipes, and some beautiful photography. And Laura, well, she is a woman of many colors and they are all beautiful! I have to say that I admire her in many ways and feel very lucky to know her.

Then there is Julie. We're newer friends and I have to say I am also lucky to know her. We have a scarily (in a good way) similar background story as far as our moves to California go. We both moved out here for a better life and for live and have had many of the same struggles. I knew I wasn't alone in mine but it's been nice knowing someone so sweet and inspiring who can relate.

Julie's blog is full of, well you guessed it, art! She is extremely crafty and creative which translates into DIY type posts as well as a successful Etsy shop. She also has a fabulous fashion sense - ;)

I urge you to check both of them out right away!

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